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Extech TKG250
Extech TKG250
Color Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge/Datalogger with Color Waveform
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Product Detail
Extech TKG250
Manufacturer: Extec

Fulfilled by Extech

Extech Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge/Datalogger with Color Waveform, Extech TKG250

CE Certified

Compact rugged meter for non-destructive thickness measurements. Wide measurement range: 5MHz probe: 0.040" to 20" of steel, 10MHz probe: 0.020” to 20" of steel (optional). Color LCD display with red, yellow and green visual alarm indication 100K internal datalogger with export to Excel. Echo to Echo option to reduce coating errors. File compare feature as a real time corrosion monitor. Live Waveform (A-scan for thickness verification). B-scan (visual cross section of test piece). Vibrates on alarm. Multiple transducer options for high temperature and difficult to measure materials. Complete with protective holster, 2oz bottle of couplant, 2 AA batteries, 5MHz Transducer, hard carrying case, USB cable and XPorter software. Fast minimum feature to capture minimum thicknesses.

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