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Roxtec COMSEAL 32/14

Roxtec COMSEAL 32/14

ComSeal Aluminum Cable Gland Frame/Kit, Roxtec 32/14
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Product Detail
Roxtec COMSEAL 32/14
Manufacturer: ROXTE

Roxtec ComSeal 32/14 Frame/Kit

Number of cables/pipes: 14
Diameter range and number of cables/pipes:
      3.5-16.5mm, 0.138-0.650in - 8 Cables/pipes
      9.5-32.5mm, 0.374-1.280in - 6 Cables/pipes
Material: anodized aluminum
External Dimension (HxW): 103 x 209mm

The Roxtec ComSeal is a solution for fast and simple sealing of openings with cables in cabinets. The frames are available in six basic sizes. The Roxtec ComSeal frames are supplied as ready-made kits and can be attached either to the inside or the outside of a cabinet.

UL/NEMA 12, 12K, CSA Certified, IP 55

Installation Instructions

Data Sheet

UL E209828 Certification

UL Classification 12, 12K Certification

CSA 1333944 Certification

CSA 1333944 Supplementary Documentation

MSDS Sheet