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Stahlin CL1513HL

Stahlin CL1513HL

Classic Series 15'' X 13'' X 6'' Hinged, Through-the-Door Latch Enclosure
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Product Detail
Stahlin CL1513HL
Manufacturer: STAHL

Fulfilled by Stahlin

CL- Classic Series 15'' X 13'' X 7'' Hinged, Through-the-door latch configuration Enclosure

14.55'' H X 12.55'' W X 6.84'' Inside dimensions
HL: Hinged, Through-the-door latch configuration
Available in 2 cover options: Opaque cover, Flush bonded window
Stands up to abroad range of chemical exposures
High impact resistance
Double insulated material. No incidental electrical contact
Hidden hinge design
UV Resistant
Soft edge design, smooth lines, flush cover
Super abrasion-resistant acrylic window
High temperature, flame retardant, non-corrosive, environmental designs

UL/cUL 50: Type 1, 3R, 4X, 12 NEMA 250: Type 1, 3, 4X, 12 CSA Std: Type 1, 3, 4X, 12 UL1741: Type 1, 3, 4X, 12, W, HW, HL, HPL Temperature Range: (-76°F to +274°F) Window Temperature Range: (-26°F to +170°F) Flammability Rating: UL94-5V Window Flammability: UL94-HB

The Classic Series enclosures are designed for general electrical and electronic applications as well as applications requiring broader environmental concerns. These enclosures enhance the appearance of any instrument installation. They are especially suited for high visibility locations found in both industrial and commercial applications, but the chemical resistance and watertight capabilities make them ideal across a broad spectrum of environmental installations as well.

Other Industry Terms:
Stahlin enclosure, classic series, wall-mount enclosure, box, general electrical enclosure, non-metallic, electronic and instrument, industrial enclosure, instrument sized, NEMA rated

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