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Panduit FRSPJ4X4YL

Panduit FRSPJ4X4YL

Spill-Over Junction Fitting with 4x4 Exit, Yellow, Contains 1
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Product Detail
Panduit FRSPJ4X4YL
Manufacturer: PAN

Fulfilled by Panduit

Panduit Spill-Over Junction Fitting with 4x4 Exit, Yellow, Contains 1, Panduit FRSPJ4X4YL

Material ABS
Width (mm) 306.6
Length (mm) 273.9
Fitting Type Spill-Over
Couplers Required (1 pc.) FRBC4X4YL
System Size 24x4, 12x4, 6x4, 4x4
Cover Part Number FRSPJC44YL for 4x4 Channel FRSPJC46YL for 6x4 Channel FRSPJC412YL for 12x4 Channel

RoHS Compliant

Assembles onto 4x4, 6x4, 12x4, or 24x4 FiberRunner®Channel, spilling over the side into a 4x4 vertical exit. Requires coupler to attach 4x4 FiberRunner®Channel and fittings to the vertical exit. Mounts directly to existing installation with no alteration required. Mounting hardware provided for secure attachment.

Cut Sheet

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Installation Instructions

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