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Hoffman AS100SS

Hoffman AS100SS

1'' Stainless Steel Oil Tight Knockout Hole Seal, Gasketed
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Product Detail
Hoffman AS100SS

Hoffman AS100SS 1'' Stainless Steel Oil Tight Knockout Hole Seal, Gasketed

For 1-in. conduit holes
Maximum Hole Diameter in.: 1.38
Hol-Sealer Diameter in.: 1.88
Material: Stainless Steel
Oil-resistant gasket provided
16 gauge stainless steel backplate
Seal, backplate, stud (10-24x5/8) and wing nut are 300 series stainless steel
Finish: polished front surface

Seal extra pushbutton holes, conduit openings and knockout openings against dust, dirt, oil and water with Hoffman HOLSEALERSā„¢ . Seals will cover any size or shape of hole from .19-in. diameter to maximum diameter shown in table. Can be used on enclosure walls up to .31-in. (8-mm) thick.

RoHS Compliant; NEMA/EEMAC Type 3R, 4, 12, 13; IEC 60529; IP66

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