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Mersen ATM6

Mersen ATM6

600V 6A MIDGET Fast-Acting Fuse Mersen ATM6
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Product Detail
Mersen ATM6
Manufacturer: FRZ

Mersen ATM - Midget - Fast-Acting Fuse

Volts (VAC) 600
Volts (VDC) 600, N/A
Ampere (A) 6
I.R. AC (kA) 100, 10
I.R DC (kA) 100, N/A
Class Midget
Speed / Characteristic Fast-Acting
Mounting Clip
Connection Terminal Type Ferrule
Body Style Cylindrical, Non Rejection
Body Material GMG
Materials Contact Tin-plated Copper
Minimum Operating & Storage Temp °C -25

UL Listed to Standard 248-14, DC UL Listed to Standard 248-14, CSA Certified to standard C22.2 No. 248.14 (1/10 - 30A), RoHS Compliant


Amp-Trap ATM midget fast-acting fuses are rated 600VAC and 600VDC with a 100kA interrupting rating. These ratings give the ATM a wide range of applications not covered by other midget fuses. In addition, ratings of 30/35, 30/40 and 30/50 amperes are offered for specific applications such as capacitor protection. Extended ratings for special protection of capacitors and circuits with high inrush currents. Application Supplemental protection of a wide variety of circuits up to 600VAC and 600VDC with 100kA I.R. Mersen (also known as Ferraz Shawmut and Gould Fuses).


Performance Data