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Roxtec EZENTRY 10/10

Roxtec EZENTRY 10/10

EzEntry Cable Gland, Roxtec EzEntry 10/10
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Product Detail
Roxtec EZENTRY 10/10
Manufacturer: ROXTE

Roxtec EzEntry 10/10 Cable Gland Kit

Number of cables/pipes: 10
Diameter range and number of cables/pipes:
      3.5-16.5mm, 0.138-0.650in - 10 Cables/pipes
Material: composite
External Dimension (HxW): 168 x 70mm, 6.614 x 2.756in

The EzEntry seal is designed to simplify cable sealing in the equipment manufacturing industry. It enables routing and sealing multiple pre-terminated cables of different sizes - in one single frame opening. The seal has a light weight composite frame with integrated gasket. It's a single-side installation with an integrated compression.

UL 4, 4X, 12, and 13 certified, CSA Certified, IP 66/67

Installation Instructions

Data Sheet

UL E209828 Certification

UL Classification 12, 12K Certification

CSA 1333944 Certification

CSA 1333944 Supplementary Documentation

MSDS Sheet