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WAGO 773-102

WAGO 773-102

2 Conductor Push-Wire Connectors for Junction Boxes, Yellow cover, Pack of 2,500
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Product Detail
WAGO 773-102
Manufacturer: WAGO

Wago 2 Conductor Push-Wire Connectors for Junction Boxes, Yellow cover

pole count 2
Cross section [mm²] 0.75 - 2.5 mm²
Cross section [AWG] 18 - 12 AWG
Wiring method e
Connection method PUSH WIRE®
Cross section [mm²] 1.5 - 2.5 mm²
Cross section [AWG] 16 - 12 AWG
Wiring method st
Connection method PUSH WIRE®
Measured voltage EN 400 V
Measured shock voltage 4 kV
Pollution degree 2
Current intensity EN 24 A
Weight 1.847 g
Color yellow
No. of connection Points 2
No. of potentials 1
Height 13.1 mm
Height 0.516 in
Width 9.2 mm
Width 0.362 in
Depth 19.5 mm
Depth 0.768 in
Strip length from 12 mm
Strip length to 12 mm
Strip length 0.47 in

RoHS compliant, UL/CSA for up to 600V (1000V for fixtures and signs), ABS 10-HN17750340X, BV 11941/BO, CCA DK2520, CSA 154112/1059453, GL 17294-00HH, KEMA 98.1236.01, LR 04/20013(E3), NEMKO P99102807, ÖVE 1193-031-07, RMR 11130002, RosTest AB24 B04007, SEMKO 9951003/01, UL listed E69654

The PUSH WIRE® connection clamps stranded or solid copper conductors. Reduce wiring time up to 50%, No twisting, taping or crimping required, Simply strip wire and push-in, Clear housing for visual inspection, Built-in test port for trouble shooting, +35 years experience with push wire technology, OSHA recommended to reduce strain