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Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures Available from

Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures are the pioneers of fiberglass enclosures and are currently the most specified non-metallic electrical enclosures in the world. Their 60 year history, combined with their proven product performance and quality, extensive product selection and competitive pricing helps them maintain their reputation as the largest leader in the non-metallic enclosures industry. Their integrated in-house manufacturing process allows them to control the quality of their product throughout the entire production process.


Non-metallic enclosures offer significant cost savings over metallic alternative such as stainless steel while still providing comparable or superior physical strength and performance.


Industry applications for non-metallic enclosures include: renewable energy applications, waste water treatment, oil exploration and refining, chemical processing, marinas, manufacturing, food and beverage, hospitals, gas monitoring, environmental monitoring, material handling.


This previous list is just a few of the many places Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures can help meet your enclosure needs. Stahlin offers a vast range of product families that help provide solutions for every application.


Stahlin provides the most extensive in-stock line of non-metallic enclosures and accessories including:


·      Small Junction: This includes Stahlin’s NewSentry PVC series as well as their general small junction enclosures.

·      Instrument Sized: This includes Stahlin’s  RJ, J, JW, Fatboy, DiamondShield, and Classic series enclosures.

·      Wallmount: This includes Stahlin’s N Series wall mount control enclosures.

·      Accessories: This includes back panels and various other accessories used in electrical applications.


BgB Supply, your supplier of industrial electrical products, has partnered with Stahlin to offer you a wide selection of products through their drop ship program. Most items ship within 1-2 days (subject to product availability). With custom stocking, technical resources, and free same day shipping BgB Supply helps make your shopping experience easy and worry-free. If you have trouble finding what you are looking for please contact us or fill out our ask an expert form with the specs you need and we will find the product part number that meets your specifications.