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Roxtec Cable and Pipe Seals Available at BgB Supply

The Roxtec Solution


Roxtec was founded in 1990 in Sweden after inventing the Multidiameter™, which provides a solution for adaptability between cables and pipes of different sizes by using modules with removable layers. Since then, Roxtec has become a world leader in the supply of modular-based seals for both pipes and cables.


The Flexible Sealing System


Roxtec's cable and pipe sealing solution is developed to protect life and assets. Whether you are an owner, designer, or installer, you can rely on our solutions, wherever cables and pipes run through openings and whatever size they are. 


Roxtec’s cable entry seals are known for their flexible capabilities based on Multidiameter™.  Each seal has modules that are completely adaptable. The modules have circular cores and layers that can be taken out in order to fit various sizes of cables as securely as possible.


Due to the versatility and durability of Roxtec’s cable entry seals, they can be used in a wide variety of industries and situations. Roxtec cable entries allow the use of pre-terminated cables and are trusted in many offices, marine vehicles, oil and gas refineries, power plants, processing factories, telecom networks and more.


Roxtec Certified Durability


All Roxtec solutions are tested and certified by all major classification societies and are IP rated. Having undergone hundreds of safety tests and approvals, Roxtec has proven excellent performance and resistance to hazards, including:


  •     Dust

  •     Water

  •     Gas

  •     Environmental hazards

  •     Fire

  •     Smoke

  •     Pressure

  •     Vibrations

  •     Risk of explosion

  •     Rodents



Our Offering


At BgB Supply, we know that having the right materials at hand is necessary to be able to work efficiently and provide a quality product. Because of this, we take pride in providing you with a wide selection of Roxtec products, including:


CF8/CF32 -The Roxtec CF 8 and CF 32 are cast aluminium frames, each with an integrated compression unit. 
CF16 -The Roxtec CF 16 frame has a very low profile and is suitable for enclosures where many cables need to be routed in areas with limited space and features integrated compression.
EzEntry -The Roxtec EzEntry™ seal is designed to simplify cable sealing in the equipment manufacturing industry. 
CF 24 -The split frame design of the Roxtec CF 24 makes it simple to install. It can be assembled in advance, or installed on site, even around existing cables or pipes. 
RG M63 -The Roxtec RG M63 is a compact kit sealing solution for cabinets.
C RS T -The Roxtec C RS T sealing solution is available in four different sizes, which seal single cables and pipes from ⌀3.6mm to ⌀30mm. 
ComSeal -The Roxtec ComSeal™ is a solution for fast and simple sealing of openings with cables in cabinets. 
ComSeal LW -The Roxtec ComSeal™ LW is an IP44 solution for simple and flexible sealing of openings with cables in cabinets. 


If you have any questions about what products will work for you installation, you can use our Ask an Expert form. Submit the specs you need to meet, and we will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours. If you cannot find the product the fits your needs, please fill out the Custom Stocking Request form with the specifications of the product you need, and we will do our best to find you the correct product.


With all of these tools and free same day shipping, BgB Supply helps make your shopping experience easy and worry-free.



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